About us

This is Lucidious

Lucidious was born out of the frustration of a guy who was sick and tired of all those dull questionnaires, boring job interviews and vague corporate training sessions. That same guy wanted to spice up things a little bit and add some fun to it, yet without compromising hard data and statistical validity of measuring skills.

The first small steps

The plan for Lucidious was born at a kitchen table somewhere in Rotterdam. The software design was made in numerous coffee houses around town. A few talented guys were recruited and we took off coding it all together. The front-end of our game came to life thanks to a couple of great artists. It took us nearly a year to get it all together.

A giant leap

We left the kitchen table and coffee houses to take office in an old factory in the historical part of town. Our platform and especially our game editor grew fast, giving people the opportunity to create levels without any technical knowledge. We managed to raise some additional funding and we convinced a few clients to pilot our games.

Skills matter

Lucidious focusses on measuring people’s skills and help them improve their performance. We challenge people in a so-called ‘realistic job preview’. We create engaging experiences that deliver great rewards. To that end we only see a game. What else? Games are immersive, give instant feedback, challenge player’s skills and are fun to do.

Our team

Well, basically you’ve got two options here. Either you want to meet our team, or you want to join our team. We’re perfectly fine when you’d like to check us out. But in case you have great skills and you’re eager to work in a super cool, trendy, vibrant, fun and prosperous company, please give us a call. We’re always looking for talented colleagues.

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The Netherlands

Email: info@lucidious.nl