Show, don’t tell

Great you wanna join our team! We have to warn you, though. If you really consider working with us, just don’t – and we mean absolutely don’t !!! – send us your resume or any kind of letter. We’ll turn you down immediately and without hesitation. Instead, proof us you’re qualified for the job. We’ll show you how. Challenge yourself, and us!

Coding / Engineering

Our games are built using Unity 3D. Our game editor is built in C#. Our CMS uses Drupal. If you feel comfortable programming in C#, PHP and/or Drupal/WordPress, show us the piece of code you wrote yourself and which you consider your magnum opus to date. We’ll judge your work ourselves and if it meets our standards, we’ll contact you right away.

Art / UX / UI

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and extend our 3D virtual world. We never rest before optimizing our user experience. We continuously challenge ourselves to keep our user interface up to the highest standards. When 2D and/or 3D is your artistic life, show us your portfolio. Don’t forget to tell us what and how to improve in our current games! We like that.

Content / Level Design

If you hold great ideas on how to write interactive storylines, or if you know how to grab a player’s attention within seconds after starting a level, please share them with us right away. We’ll hire you directly. Same goes for people who know how to design a truly compelling and engaging game level within our platform, virtual world and game editor.

Marketing / Sales

Our proposition is superb. We just need people spreading the word and convincing clients and business partners to work with us. That is exactly what you will do. If you have strong ideas on how to fill the sales funnel, if you can close deals within minutes, if you know the perfect marketing mix for us, you’re our girl (or guy, for that matter).

Data Analysis

Based on numerous data points we scan user profiles looking for (abnormal) behavior. We connect game data points with user data from other sources and mine them to create new, undiscovered correlations that hold valuable predictive validity. Do you consider yourself a data cruncher? Have you got experience mining databases? Please drop us a note!

About Lucidious

Right, so now you can either apply for a job right away and come work for us, or you might check out our team, first. Or perhaps you just want to know a bit more about Lucidious before you joining us. Why don’t you check it out? We’re happy to introduce ourselves and our company to you.

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